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Here at Woohlab, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of quality futurist smart light products. We offers exclusive and unique products for your home that are effortless to use, fun to create and share.

Our core team is based in Shenzhen and our North American support office is located in California.

Founded in 2021, our headquarters and manufacturing are based in Shenzhen. Also, we have a support office in California.

Our Core Values

Make life beyond imagination

Woohlab was founded with a simple idea: to make products that people would say "wooh" while using them.  

We hope that our products will:
- Bring joy and comfort to our customers
- Create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere
- Provide users a unique and memorable experience
- Give you and your family years of reliable and safe use
 We believe everyone has the potential to turn their home their own style


You turn on the light, we brighten up your life.

From our ancestors assembling to tell stories around campfires, to the development of electric lights and the neon spectacles that our largest cities become at night, our history is truly one told in light.

Light always be with us , and in Woohlab, we want it to do more, to bring more colors , more creativity and more fun to your life. 

“Light is the new way to paint." We believe light is the most easy and impactful way to transform a space.

To achieve this, we make Woohlab Painter Light, offer a brand-new way to customize and control the lights around your home. Inspired by the Northern Lights, we hope that the Painter can not just light up your spaces, but add to them, and create a warm and comforting environment for you and your loved ones.

From every day spaces to unique locations, WoohooLab creates immersive experiences and spaces in unexpected locations with new and emerging lights. Whether it's an ordinary place or a special experience, we want to help make it unique.

Among billions of lights in the world, it is our greatest fortune to meet you , this bright and brilliant light hunter.

Founder Story 

Woohlab was founded by a group of young people with a vision for the future of home lighting and devices that transform the traditional way of living. 

Though Woohlab is small now, it is growing quickly and promisingly. The journey to make better things in a better way is a long one, and we just gett started. We promise to demonstrate integrity, boldness and passion in every product we produce. And our definition of success is very simple: produce high-quality, innovative lighting products that are loved around the world.


We are led by

Founder Steven Young

Co-founder Young Chen

Offices & Contact

Office Addresses 

1502, No. 5, Xiangzhao Building, Longping Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, P.R.China 518100

Call us

+86 15889598920

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