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Immersive RGB Galaxy Projector

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Key Features

- 3 interchangeable patterns * 9 lighting effects = 27 galaxy combinations. Projecting love, nebulae, and water droplets patterns to create a mesmerizing galaxy experience.

- Bluetooth / WiFi control with voice command for ultimate convenience.

- Smart App Control: customize brightness, color, and rotation speed for perfect ambiance, infinite options to explore.

- Timed and quiet:a built-in 1-hour timer, a 24-hour auto-shutdown timer schedule on your phone app.

- 360-degree adjustable angel and stylish design, being edgy while staying minimalist:

- Choose from 6 music rhythm modes that react to the music , experience music come to life.

Starry Night Starry Lights

Experience breathtaking visual displays, brings the cosmos to live on your ceiling.

Limitless and Possibilities

Embrace a bold and minimalist star projector that pushes boundaries and defies imagination with edgy sophistication.

star ring effect of woohlab galaxy projector

3 Unique Patterns

Brighter Lights

Unleash Creativity

Smart App Control

Smart App Control

  • Bluetooth / WiFi control with voice command
  • DIY colors, adjust brightness, adjust roatation speed, timer setting, select light effects, voice control.
  • Unclok your imagination and let your creativity run free with DIY customization options.

Timed and Quiet

Good light, sleep tight.

Auto-timed, whisper-quiet.

Silent comfort, restful mind.

woohlab projector supports 360 degree adjustment

Flexible and Versatile

360-degree adjustable spherical body, suitable for any wall and ceiling.

Twinkle to the Beats

From left to right, bring stars to live.

woohlab introduction and color options

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