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Aurora RGB Ambient Light - PAINTER Kit - Single Pack

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  • With Woohlab‘s stylish Aurora RGB smart ambient light , no night remains a simple night.

Add tones to your fun moments at home with our Aurora RGB Smart Ambient light. It is the perfect choice to spotlight your home and light up your nights. The Woohlab Smart Light can alter the mood of your space in a second and increases the sense of immersion. Above all, whether you’re playing games, watching movies, listening to music, holding a party, an immersive lighting experience awaits!

  • Aurora-like hue lights pattern that transforms your room into aurora paradise 

You don’t need to journey to the frigid middle of nowhere to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Aurora anymore.The Aurora Painter light can help you by bringing the northern lights to your home. Without stepping out of your house, Painter Light offers you a spectacular aurora light show. What you need to do is to turn on the Painter light and enjoy this romantic moment.

  • One unit, five lights.

Woohlab aurora RGB smart ambient light, a light you can applied it in multiple scenarios. Lights with beautiful dancing waves can sync with your songs . By syncing with music and songs, visualizing your favorite music is no longer an imagination. In conclusion, just express your style in vivid colours! 
In addition,you can also place it in any corner, let the lights cast and put accent on your home. Besides, Woohlab aurora RGB smart ambient light can be the project light, the LED wall washer, the bar light. More scenarios are waiting for you to discover.

  • Display light patterns with 4 different light modes: Static, Breathe, Marquee, and Gradient.

7 rhythm modes that react to the music are ready to set the mood for your room or gaming den. The four separately controlled RGBW bulbs, each with millions of color possibilities for the ultimate color palette, are designed to paint your life. Evidently, it is a perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts. No room remains a dull room. Just go and master Woohlab Painter, your own light lab.

  • Go bold in colours, go wide in brightness.

To emphasis, Woohlab's Aurora RGB Smart light is significantly brighter compared to other similar products. And it contains a much greater variety of light styles and motion patterns. 64 square feet of light coverage can easily be provide by one RGB bulb. Bring enough lights into your life to make a beautiful night.

  • Woohlab Painter Light provides easy-to-use control over the smart light.

Due to the intuitive smart app, Painter Light allows you to set certain moods and visualize the music with the touch of a button.